Glass Showers

Glass Showers

Enjoy a seamless shower experience in a soothing ambiance!

For all types of Glass shower designing and installation in Sharjah, Dubai, Au Dhabi and all over the UAE- Bustan Alkhaleej

We work on custom designing and installation of shower glass partition at home, hotel, and residential establishments. With tailored services to design, manufacture and install glass shower units, we offer comprehensive shower unit solutions to clients in the most economical means. From premium glass showers to budgeted units are readily available and also open to customizing through us. All our shower enclosures are highly durable and resistant to all sorts of weather and moist exposure.

Shower glass partitions with SS U-channels, SS pipes with all the finishes (Mirror finish / Brush finish) and Black colour.

We at Bustan Al Khaleej are aware of each person’s demands. We offer customized solutions whether you need a glass shower partition in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE for your house or place of business. Our design engineers will provide you the best price in town after we review your requirements. To discuss your project with us, get in touch.

We have factory in Sharjah, and have a lot of expertise in the glass partitioning sector. In every state of the UAE, we take pride in providing outstanding service and exquisitely crafted glass showers all over the UAE. At Bustan Al Khaleej, we are fully committed to assisting our clients in designing efficient and cutting-edge spaces in some of the most recognizable structures in the UAE.

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